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Benefits of Using Our Platform


Ask your Question for Free

Connect with real lawyers and ask them all the questions you want, for free. No retainers or payment information is required! ►


Access to Dashboard

Receive updates and manage your attorney through our state-of-the-art legal software.►


Find Dependable Attorneys Near You

Through our vast attorney network, you will find dozens of lawyers near you, ready to help you with any legal issue. ►

24/7 Live support

Call us anytime, and we’ll be there to answer your questions or connect you with an attorney. ►


Our security systems and processes will enhance the safety of your information. We use two-factor authentication, encryption, and behind-the-scenes processes to safeguard your communications and files are protected. ►


Stay in Control at All Time

As long as you keep all communications with your attorney within our platform, you’ll stay in control of the situation at all times. ►

Learn more about the Law

We have tons of easy-to-read articles to help you learn about the law in a matter of minutes.►


I'm an attorney, and I want to be part of your network. What should I do?

Working with Legal Facts is an exciting opportunity for up-and-coming lawyers who want to build their law firm and connect with more clients effectively. Click on register than attorney to find out how to become part of our vast attorney network and learn about the benefits of partnering with us.

Do I have to provide my payment information to ask a question?

No! We DON’T require retainers or payment information just to ask a question on our platform. Simply choose the legal topic you’re interested in; follow the steps, and you’ll get your answer!

How long will I have to wait for my answer?

Once you complete your registration, we will send your question to attorneys practicing that type of law, and he/she will provide the answer as soon as possible. This process usually takes some time, so we recommend a little patience. After the attorney answers your question, you will get notified via email.

Will I have to beg my attorney for updates about my case?

Not at all! Through your dashboard, you can track the progress of your case in real-time. No need for a runaround to get information; it will always be available to you. Plus, the lawyer will notify you on your dashboard whenever he/she needs something from you, so be sure to check it frequently!


What areas of the law do you cover?

At Legal Facts, you can connect with legal professionals in all fields of law. Workers’ compensation lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and even corporate lawyers. Just say the word, and will connect you with an experienced attorney in any area of law you’re interested in. Click find a lawyer on the menu to look for experts in your area.

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