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For many years, lawyers relied on phone books and traditional newspaper, radio and television advertising to effectively market their services. Today that reality has changed dramatically, as the most efficient way to obtain clients is undoubtedly through the Internet. However, this is not as simple as it seems. In the beginning, lawyers advertised themselves through their own website and generated leads through it. Now websites are more complex and require much more work to be developed effectively. In order to create a website that attracts quality leads, a lawyer would have to hire a webmaster to design the site, a seo legal expert to optimize the page to appear in the results of search engines such as Google and Bing, a SEM expert for the online commerce section, a content creator and manager to constantly publish information on the site, a public relations agent and even a social network manager for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. That’s why most legal professionals today use attorney leads generation sites like Legal Facts. We take care of everything and deliver quality leads, and before long you’ll have a significant increase in the number of clients who come to you regularly.

Marketing to lawyers? Why Many Advertisers should not market to attorneys. 


The rules of attorney marketing are quite specific and not all marketers are necessarily experts in the area of legal marketing. In order to properly market the services of a lawyer or law firm in an ethical, legal and responsible manner, one must take into account regulations such as Model Rule 7.2 and its Commentary 5 expressly prohibit paying someone to recommend the services of an attorney, dividing the fees with non-attorneys and misleading the audience. Some enthusiastic non-lawyers will make mistakes that can ultimately harm their customers, like describing them in misleading ways or using marketing methods that are not allowed by the regulations. 

It is important to clarify that there are three variations of lead generation services:

Lawyer’s Directory: Online lawyer’s directories are the updated version of telephone directories. Lawyers will provide details of their practice and specialty, along with their location and method of contact.

Legal referral service: In this case, attorneys pay a fee in exchange for being referred on the website. Usually the state bar must approve the referral service.

Legal Matching service: Here potential clients send their case details to the website and the lawyers pay to access those leads, which then usually become clients. The lawyer can decide what type of leads he can access, so that he can focus on his area of expertise.

Why majority of Legal lead generation companies suck


We already know the types of services that are allowed by the rules of attorney marketing. However, some try to create variations of these. It is important to know the rules so you know if the service is allowed.

First Rule:

You can’t pay to be recommended. Model Rule 7.2, Comment 5 makes it very clear: You may not pay anyone to recommend you. Knowing this, you should ask yourself the question: Am I being recommended by this service? Am I being sponsored in any way? Does the service link me to clients who think I am an expert in a legal area in which I have no experience? If that is the case, then the regulations are probably not being fully complied with.

Second Rule:

No misleading information. Lawyers should always be honest about the nature of their services. A communication is considered false if it misrepresents the law or omits specific material that makes the message misleading.

Online directories are allowed: Even if the lawyer wants to pay a fee to appear in the top of the directory, it is allowed since it is not considered a recommendation.

Legal matches are permitted and recommended: Entities such as the Federal Trade Commission have advocated this method. The consumer initiates the contact by filling out a form through a website and the attorney accesses that information, and then contacts the client on his or her own.

However, some websites also tend to offer the same leads to different attorneys. This is somewhat problematic since only one of them will get the potential client, while the others, even if they have paid for access to the client’s information, will not have that opportunity. At Legal Facts we guarantee that the leads are exclusive. After accessing the information provided by the consumer through the test, be assured that only you will have access to it exclusively.

How to generate attorney leads


At Legal Facts we specialize in generating quality legal leads, and we use a variety of marketing strategies designed to attract potential clients. First, we created a brand that can be easily associated with the resolution of legal issues. In addition, we write simplified articles on different areas of legal practice. We compact all the most important information on different legal topics into simple, easy-to-read content so that people can educate themselves on the subject and make it easier for them to decide whether they want the services of a lawyer. Additionally, we have a presence on the social networks Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, where we publish interesting content daily to connect with our target audience effectively. We even optimize our website to maximize client acquisition. 

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  • 10 Guaranteed Qualifed Leads
  • Leads Credits Don’t Expire
  • You Approve the Leads
  • Leads will come via phone or email
  • Leads are Exclusive to you


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