ClickCease How to Handle and Pay Your Student Loan Debt - Legal Facts

Do you know that student loan debt had just surpassed the credit card debt in the United States? This is how alarming the student loan debt rates are!

The irony of student loan debt is that, unlike other debts, it’s supposed to “pay itself off” by giving you a degree, which in turn will give you a decent-paying and stable job. In this way, student loan debt is a good and reasonable debt. Yet, the numbers of students being burdened by their student loan debt are increasing!

Why they can’t repay their student loan? And more importantly, what can you do to pay it?

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Bankruptcy Is Probably Not An Option

We have championed bankruptcy as your final resort if you’re heavily burdened by your debts.

With bankruptcy, you have a lot of options – in a form of Chapters – to pay your debts while taking off the pressure in doing so. The truth is, once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, some of your debts will be discharged from you – they will instantly be removed and cleared from you.

Unfortunately, student loan debts is not one of those forgivable debts – in fact, it’s harder to forgive student loan debts than other forms of secured debts (debts that are normally not discharged from you after you filed for bankruptcy). Why? Because of the assumption that you’ve taken student loan debt to gain means to earn income that will help you pay your debts off.

While it is hard to have your student loan debt be discharged if you filed for bankruptcy, it’s certainly not impossible.

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So, what’s your next option? This time, your next option is to simply be creative to earn more than what you get from your job. Read on our tips on how to pay your student loan debts!

How to Pay Your Student Loan Debt

1) Don’t take a student loan to begin with

This is probably ridiculous, as anyone who reads this article mostly had taken their loans already. But if you haven’t taken on student loans yet, and you’re worried about paying if off, then maybe the solution is to simply not take any student loans to begin with.

You should know that there’s plenty of learning resources available – mostly online, but you may want to check your local community for classes as well – for free or cheaper class alternatives.

If you learn a marketable skill, you almost always have a chance to get good job offers. In this age of Internet, you can learn any skill that you want – for a cheap price or, sometimes, even for free!

2) Learn a marketable skill (and get a second-job, or switch jobs)

Here’s the thing about your degree: not all degrees are equal; some are marketable, some are not. And although passion is important when selecting your degree, you must understand that passion will not necessarily land you a job.

How to find out if your degree is marketable or not? Simple: if it cannot land you to a decent-paying job, then probably that isn’t a marketable degree (although there are other factors as well, of course).

Don’t worry if you happen to choose a less marketable degree. You can also learn any marketable skill of your interest for free or at a cheap price, thanks to plenty of online learning resources and courses available today!

Once you’ve gained a marketable skill, start working on it on your jobs. Take a part-time job if you’re not comfortable of leaving you current job yet. If you saw that your part-time job has more paying potential, you might want to switch careers altogether.

Lastly, you may even expand as a freelancer or start a business using the marketable skill you have.

3) Pay your student loan debt with the new income level you’re earning

This is not yet the time of celebration, but now that you’re earning more income, you can pay your student loan debt faster than with what your previous, low-paying job can bring.

Just have the discipline to actually pay your student loan debt, and you’ll just see that one day, that student loan debt is finally written off!


Paying your student loan debt is certainly not an easy task, but with the tips we gave and the discipline to do it, it’s certainly possible to accomplish!

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