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Let’s make things a little more interesting today. In the previous articles, we’ve discussed topics in a typical formal way. Now, let’s add some twist.

So, which pill would you choose? And of course, you only get to choose one, so choose the best!

The pill you choose most likely represents your current financial situation. So, after choosing a pill, be sure to read our commentary for that particular pill and see it that applies to you!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

The 4 Pills: Which Would You Choose?

  1. Mortgage Paid in Full
  2. Credit Score of 850
  3. Forgiven Student Loans
  4. No Lost Property

Pill #1: Mortgage Paid in Full

One causes of mortgage problems is buying too many houses. There’s nothing wrong with loaning for a house if you don’t have one yet, but if you have 5 houses (all under mortgage) – 4 of which you barely even go to – then that can cause trouble with your finances.

If you have plenty of house under mortgage, one thing you can do is to make an income out of them. Yes, turn them into business, have them make money for you, and let the profits go to mortgage payments (until fully paid). Once you completely paid their mortgages in full, not only you solved your mortgage problems, you have a nice income on the side!

Now, we are not an expert in real estate investing, but that’s one idea you can consider and explore.

If you have one house, but you have spare rooms,