ClickCease Terms and conditions apply - Legal Facts

 -Clients using their website must have the Google search console already activated and installed on their website to join the 3 months or less guarantee. If the Google search console isn’t activated nor installed, the guarantee changes from 3 months to 6 months(clients must have an active SEO attorney service membership for the duration of the period to qualify for this guarantee).

-Improve rankings apply to terms in a search group in the Google search console. 

-2 Publications every month refers to an online website that isn’t owned or managed by legal Legal nor the attorney can’t suggest the topic nor choose the site it will be published at. Please note the 3rd party site will meet requirements for publications. 

-1 custom video every month refers to an approved pitch & script made by legal facts associates, approved by an attorney. The attorney has 1 video edit till final approval. The attorney must be extremely responsive within 31 days to comply with the rules and regulations of this guarantee. 

-City radius exclusive refers to one attorney per city per service type during an active attorney SEO membership. Once you stop paying, we can start accepting new members for that city and type of service. The attorney can choose to cover the whole county but would have to upgrade their membership. Please ask a legal facts rep for more details. 

-No website needed refers to legal facts associates building client’s webpage on our legal facts platform and ranking their page in their city for their one type of service. 

-All calls & leads from the client’s webpage will be redirected to their attorney dashboard and transferred to their designated phone number. All leads coming from the client’s webpage will be exclusive to them. 

-Webpage will have the attorney name and brand, under the domain.