Why pay a full-time employee for law marketing services when you can just pay for qualified leads. (Redeem your free lead credit)

Everyone wants to grow their business but only a  few know how to do it right. A full-time marketing manager or director cost (see image)

Are you a Boutique firm or regular law firms

Boutique firms or regular law firms typically can’t hire a full-time marketing manager + ad spend. And if they do, the amount of time required to set things up or get familiar with your services takes about 3 months. Think about it, 3 months till you start seeing results(calls coming in) assuming they know what they are doing and if they would have to start from scratch. 

At Legal Facts, We already have a programmatic system for you to use. We can start getting you calls from day one, depending on your budget.

I know you probably don’t believe us. Look at our calls(leads) from an attorney that is a Premium Member. (see image) 

You might be wondering

How we are doing this….

Here’s one way (see image )

We have dozens of other ways




We are already ranking #1 on search results.

What we do is send you the call when they are ready to hire an attorney. 

Think of us as your front of the house marketing machine. 

No need to hire a VP of Marketing a marketing strategist a Marketing Analyst, a Copywriter, and a Web Designer and the list goes on. 

All you have to do is what you do best… 

Be a lawyer. STOP wearing too many hats. 

Let us help.