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“Your All-In-One Soluation



  • Customer Relationship Management cloud software
  • File management system
  • Conversation management system
  • Task Management System
  • Lead Referral System
  • Client Updating system
  • Important Date Reminder system
  • Case # management system
  • Billable hours management system
  • Marketing Marketplace
  • Free Attorney Webpage
  • Lead Acquisition Program


Legal facts is starving to be the number 1 company for legal solutions.

User friendly

“Legal CRM Software”

(Customer Relationship Management)

File management system

Any time you send or receive an attachment via chat, all documents and attachments will be saved and organized.

Conversation management system

Stay organized by having a one-stop solution to all chat & phone call conversations

Task Management System

Have a checklist or to-do list that is visible for the client. That way, the client can see what is being done and what you are currently waiting on at all times.

Lead Referral System

Ever get phone calls for a case on location where you don’t service? Don’t have an attorney friend that you can refer to clients? Well, by introducing a potential client (lead) via a referral link, they will be able to find an attorney near them to fit their specific needs. You will also get a free lead credit that will potentially become a paying client for your business. No Charge.

Client Updating system

Tired of spending countless hours updating your clients on their legal processes?

  • Ever got a client complaining about what’s taking so long?
  • Ever get a client complaining about the wait time?

With our system, clients can see what you’re currently working on or waiting on. Clients will get automatically updated for important dates, important notices or documents that need attention. 

Important Date Reminder system

Organize Important Dates with your clients with an easy to use 2 way date reminder system. This system will automatically remind you and the client about dates 1 week before and 1 day before the event or task.

Case # management system

Each client will be linked with a case number for easy case look up.

Billable hours management system

Ever wonder how many hours it took you to finish with this case? With our easy stop and pause timer. You are able to track billable hours to each client.

Marketing Marketplace

Our marketplace where you can buy marketing services to increase your lead acquisition process.

Attorney Webpage

No more needing to buy a domain, pay for hosting, having a web designer, or content creator. We will make you a webpage that will convert into paying clients.

Free Lead Acquisition Program

Don’t have a big Marketing budget but have a lot of time in your hands? Answer local questions about your service and get rewarded with a free lead or lead credit.


Register today for a FREE lead credit.

  • First 25 clients users are free to manage on our CRM
  • Refer another attorney and get another 25 Clients